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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Extended Recovery Programs in Panama 

We are excited to introduce SerenityVista’s new logo. The logo is a beautiful Pacific Ocean/Caribbean blue, a shade to the green off of royal blue. The color recalls the dancing light on the vast expanse of water on the Western side of the Americas.  There are ripples of small waves in the foreground, indicating some smooth sailing, and behind mountains of Panama rise and undulate as the backdrop to the scene. Two large words hover above the scene – Serenity Vista. The font is clean and classic in all caps. Serenity, by definition means calm, tranquil, peaceful, untroubled, not necessarily out of the storm, but the emotional state within it. Vista means a large, pleasing and beautiful view, a prospect. Serenity Vista offers a promise and a hope for a new life with peace of mind.

Centered within the logo, gliding along the calm waters is the silhouette of a tall masted sailboat, mainsail and foresail fully unfurled and filled with wind, pulling the vessel forward. Two figures are on deck. The sailboat is headed toward the southwest of the viewer and her name is clearly visible on the hull in a strong, steadfast and upright font. Her sails ascend between the two words, Serenity Vista creating an upward motion and feel.

This logo is a representation of all that Serenity Vista Holistic Drug Rehab stands for, and was created out of. The sailboat is real, and her name is DECISION. Those familiar with the 12 Steps will recognize one of the key words in Step Three, which states that: We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him.  Step Three is all about surrender, but don’t be fooled, the definition of surrender is ‘moving to the winning side’.

DECISION is a 36.7 First Beneteau sailboat, who spent her first 2 years racing on a freshwater lake in British Columbia, Canada. When her owners decided to relocate from Canada to Panama, DECISION was prepared to travel overland by truck to San Diego, where she was outfitted for her ocean voyage and new life at sea.  The passage took two months, filled with incredible adventures and experiences. One highlight was the nighttime show of dolphins, lit by ocean phosphorus, glowing and sparkling as the animals cavorted like a choreographed lightshow of tremendous speed and complexity to the thrill of those aboard the ship.  In concert, the night sky above twinkled and shone with the millions of stars and the milky way, a full circle light show surrounding all sides.

Holistic Drug Rehab in Tropical Panama

Decision carried her owners safely to Panama, despite a short delay due to a lightning strike in Costa Rica.

Serenity Vista offers a unique experience in addiction rehabilitation and alcohol treatment. The holistic program of body, mind and spirit is located about 2 hours from both the Pacific and the Caribbean, in the mountain highlands of Boquete. Land of eternal spring, rainbows and coffee plantations, Boquete is a spirit infused land of healing energy and beauty. The program at Serenity Vista includes yoga and massage, fresh, healthy and diverse local fruits and vegetables, international and Panamanian dishes. The counselors are intuitive and motivated by a desire to share their own joy of living. There is art, and music, spiritual exploration, 12 Step work, psycho-social cognitive therapy. There is horse-back riding, zip-lining, hiking, waterfalls, jungles, the world’s top awarded local coffee. There is Ceiba, the young adult Chocolate Labrador Retriever who teaches guests how to live, love and laugh in the moment.

And there is sailing on DECISION.  Guests experience the thrill of sailing through the Pacific Islands of Panama, some of the best and most sought after sailing grounds in the world. Typically the trip is overnight, and involves threading through white sand ringed, green palm treed islands, dolphins, visiting humpback whales, Tortugas, massive schools of sea-boiling fish. After choosing a non-inhabited island, DECISION drops anchor, and everyone swims to shore for some exploration of coconuts, iguanas, orchids and frangipani trees. This is not to be missed. This is freedom.

Addiction rehab does not have to mean white-coats and class rooms and cafeterias. At Serenity Vista we offer a robust program that teaches the tools to live an extraordinary life, dealing and being done with past hurts and things that hold people back from following their dreams. The owners of Serenity Vista are role models for the guests, overcoming adversity,  perseverance through storms and even lightning strikes, to follow their vision of creating a world-class, international rehab where guests are treated with respect and dignity, in a home-like environment in a family like dynamic where opportunities of healing are triggered daily.

Serenity Vista’s logo is a representation of sailing into recovery, or setting your course, adjusting your sails, staying vigilant and alert, enjoying the wind in your face, and thrilling to the ever vistas of life. Visit our website at for information on your recovery program.  We would love to hear your feedback on our new Logo.

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